: “SLOW DOWN on Hydroxychloroquine!” I’ve Treated Hundreds Who Were Poisoned By This Class of Drugs - Regenerative Medicine LA

Author: Dr. Mark M Ghalili DO

In 2016, I fell to my knees and felt like I was going to die from a reaction to Cipro, another Quinolone, like Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine. https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2018/01/11/paralyzed-by-a-prescription-doctor-sickened-by-common-antibiotic

After a huge 6 month struggle, I finally recovered and dedicated my medical career, and my life, to finding remedies to heal others who have similarly been poisoned by these very toxic drugs.

Since 2017, I have treated patients who have been damaged by Quinolone antibiotics — from Europe, Asia, South America, Canada, and almost every state in the US — in my Los Angeles office.

I want to make three points extremely clear:

1. We need to slow way down on our efforts to have potentially millions of American pop Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine. These drugs can be bad news AND when combined with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), steroids, or fluoridated medications can be life altering for many. This combination can increase your risk of central nervous system damage, peripheral neuropathy, cardiac toxicity, retinal toxicity, suicidal thoughts, fatigue, and muscle weakness to name a few.

Taking the hydroxychloroquine with any fluoridated medicine including Prozac, Lipitor, Flonase, Celebrex, Dexamethasone and others, puts one at an even higher risk of these damaging side effects. Once the fluoride component is involved, the drug can act similarly to a fluoroquinolone, and we know there have been over 500,000 complaints to the FDA due to this class of drugs in the last 30 years. Oh, did I mention they have the strongest FDA Black Box Warning of any antibiotic ever!?

2. The only reason these drugs work — and they do — with Covid-19 patients is because they are “ionophores”. IONOPHORES open up pathways for the antiviral Zinc to cross the cell barriers to enter lung and other cells to stop the replication of the Coronavirus within those cells. Yes, this is a good thing. But, if you don’t combine it with Zinc, you are just causing more risk with no benefit.

3. But there are other, FAR better ionophores and other, FAR better natural ways to open up those Zinc pathways and stop intracellular viral replication which I will explain.

So, Dr. Anthony Fauci and other doctors are right. We need to slow down on Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine. The Hydroxychloroquine “cure” may be worse than the disease as potentially millions of people, who will otherwise beat their Covid-19 diagnosis, suffer life-long debilitating side effects because of that touted “cure.” Instead of using these horrible “Quinolone” drugs to open up the pathways for Zinc, there are far safer and natural ways to do so and Medical Doctors need to “Do No Harm” and educate their patients about them.

We can treat Covid-19 and stop the replication of this horrible and deadly virus. But we can’t afford to do it by making even more Americans sick because of an ill-advised rush to a “solution” that is both dangerous and unnecessary. I have seen very promising results in patients with these following alternative treatments backed by scientific studies.

Alternatives to Hydroxychloroquine That Science Proves Effective!

1. Zinc, Quercetin and Glutathione Protocol

2. Thymus Peptides

3. Colostrum

4. Curcumin

5. Diet

Zinc, Quercetin & Glutathione

Once inside the lung cells affected by the Coronavirus the zinc significantly reduces viral replication. Instead of risking the toxic side effects of hydroxychloroquine, a supplement called QUERCETIN also carries Zinc ionophore activity allowing Zinc inside the viral cells to inhibit replication. The Quercetin can thus help carry the Zinc inside the cell in a similar fashion as hydroxychloroquine, does not require a prescription, and is SAFE when used appropriately. I have, first-hand, experienced much success with Coronavirus COVID-19 positive patients using this combination.

GLUTATHIONE is the master antioxidant of the body and studies have shown that glutathione depletion prevents our body’s ability to stop the influenza virus. This strong antioxidant helps protect your immune cells and provides optimal functioning of incredibly important things called Lymphocytes (the cells of the immune system that recognize the foreign invaders). Science shows that Zinc depletes Glutathione metabolism, so if we are to use Zinc, we should also supplement with Glutathione which studies have shown can increase the rate of Zinc transfer three fold. We know that the Zinc and Quercetin combination can be beneficial to treating the virus. Whether one had been infected or not, we now know that we must upkeep our bodies’ Glutathione levels as well.

So, why doesn’t every hospital just provide IV Zinc and oral Quercetin you ask? They are likely not on their formulary and they currently have no way of billing for it, it may be as simple as that. This is why gaining the correct knowledge based on science can help save your life before ending up in a hospital!

Thymus Peptides

Normally, when the lungs are under attack from a virus, the body’s T-Cells are activated. These T-Cells, which are good things, migrate to the lungs to attack the microbes. However, they also initiate a second immune system attack called a “Cytokine Storm”.

While the cytokine storm, like inflammation, is initially intended to help the emergency, at some point this surge of chemicals causes so much inflammation that it seriously harms, or can even kill, a person. This is a primary reason why people are placed on breathing tubes and deaths are occurring from the current coronavirus.

Fortunately, there are things that the body has to stop these dangerous cytokine storms . . . Regulatory T-Cells!

Regulatory T-Cells stop the pro-inflammatory cytokine storm and one amazing part of our body, the thymus gland, naturally produces these regulatory T-Cells . . . in younger people.

But the thymus gland produces all of your T-Cells by the time you hit puberty.

In a formal study, entitled “Serum thymosin α 1 levels in patients with chronic inflammatory autoimmune diseases,” we learn that through something called a “Thymus Peptide Treatment” we are able to significantly increase the production of T-Cells (much like the thymus would do if you were younger) and minimize the dangerous cytokine storm and prevent respiratory failure!

Thymus peptide administration is simple. My patients receive a small painless injection of the peptide which is shipped to them using an insulin needle subcutaneously in the stomach every 3 days to sufficiently build their immune system for battle.


Bovine colostrum is created before true milk appears in a mother and it contains antibodies that fight diseases like viruses and prevents them from attacking the epithelial cells in our lungs.

A study in 2007 called Prevention of Influenza Episodes with Colostrum Compared With Vaccination in Healthy and High-Risk Cardiovascular Subjects , showed that the number of days with flu-like symptoms was 3 times higher in groups that did not take bovine colostrum than groups that did!

Colostrum is easy to take in a powder form AND releases Lactoferrin which has anti-inflammatory properties. Lactoferrin can also increase white blood cells with its antiviral capabilities.

Bovine Colostrum is a must for anyone looking for optimal immune system functioning and is simple to take as a powder or as a supplement. I have recommended Colostrum to every patient following our Viral Protection Immune Boost Protocol.


An essential method to block this deadly “Cytokine Storm” is a compound that is derived from turmeric called Curcumin, a powerful anti-inflammatory.

In one study that looked at end stage Ebola patients, Curcumin blocked cytokine release, most importantly the key pro-inflammatory cytokines, interleukin-1, interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor-α. The suppression of cytokine release by curcumin correlated with clinical improvement in Ebola patients where a cytokine storm played an impactful role in mortality. If people are dying in the hospitals, why not provide them with a treatment that costs less than $1 a day, instead of an easy $50,000 minimum hospital bill if you end up on a ventilator in the United States.


Have you ever seen what a patient is being fed through a nasogastric tube on a ventilator in the ICU? I can tell you it’s not healthy fruits and vegetables. Our hospitals are shoving Ensure down our patient’s throats on ventilators, thus receiving a “healthy” dose of Genetically Modified (GMO) Corn, Maltodextrin, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Milk protein, Canola Oil, Soy, and Carageenan (known carcinogen). We are also providing Jello which contains sugar, gelatin, and artificial food coloring, greasy foods and soda/juice high in sugar to patients trying to recover from an illness. This is one of the reasons why — YEARS AGO — I decided I could no longer work in a hospital. A healthy green juice with vegetables like celery, spinach, kale, ginger, and beets with essential minerals is a much better plan for your immune system — inside a hospital. . . . or out.

In conclusion, as we grow in our understanding of the magic of the human body, we can use science to move beyond the age-old solutions of sleep, exercise and diet, as important as they are — and, especially, beyond our reliance on potentially devastatingly harmful pharmaceutical drugs to fortify our immune systems to beat almost anything that comes our way. Our lives and our world depend on it.


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  • Linda Cantrall Whitaker says:

    Thank you. I am from Montana and suffer the side effects from cipro. I was not only given cipro but put on a steroid at the sametime and the damage is horrendous. I can barely walk at this point to take care of myself. I am grateful for the heads on up. God Bless.

  • Greg Reeves says:

    Excellent information, Dr. Ghalili. You may recall, I visited you back at the beginning of the year due to Cipro toxicity (I was poisoned by one single dose in Oct 2019). While I was unable to afford the IV treatments, the supplement protocol and diet considerations you suggested for me totally sped up my healing. I consider myself 99% recovered now, back to my pretty aggressive cycling routine, and feeling pretty great. The 1% is simply because it’s never out of my mind, so I’m still careful when exercising – sticking just to cycling, hiking, but no weight training yet. I’m still sticking to the supplements and diet, and intend to continue. On Oct 3 it will be one year since I got poisoned. I have not taken any kind of over-the-counter drugs or other pharmaceuticals since, and have a very different perspective about western medicine than I did a year ago.
    I am sharing your blog post about covid treatment with everyone I can. I believe I and my family all had “mild” cases of Covid back in late Feb/early March. Fully recovered. I think the healthy regimen you put me on helped quite a bit (I also hammered it with oil of oregano, elderberry, garlic etc etc). I hope that as a result we have some immunity, but realize there’s no guarantee about that. If I or anyone I know gets sick, I will make sure this information on your blog is utilized!