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Los Angeles Concierge Doctor

Are you located in Los Angeles? Dr. Mark Ghalili DO, a board certified Internal Medicine physician who considers a whole body natural approach to optimal health and well being. Regenerative Medicine LA offers VIP Concierge house call visits for patients that prefer the convenience of having a doctor visit them at home. Sometimes our busy lifestyle makes it difficult to wait in a doctor’s office during business hours. Dr. Ghalili and or our nursing staff are here to perform house call visits for your health needs.

Our IV menu of services is available for house call visits. Dr. Ghalili’s house calls are comprehensive and in depth, you will never have to worry about being prescribed a harmful drug as he is an expert in medication induced side effects and takes a more natural approach to your health care, only prescribing medications if necessary. Dr. Ghalili believes you are more than just a 5 minute visit in an office, your health comes first, and patient education is his number one priority. Feel free to contact us for concierge services.


Experience Concierge IV Vitamin Infusion without having to get out of bed!

(310) 295-9403