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Floxed? Here’s How To Get Better

floxed patients recovery

Dr. Mark Ghalili defines what it means to be floxed:

Floxed means your body has suffered from mitochondrial damage and oxidative stress due to an adverse effect from a fluoroquinolone antibiotic. The term floxed in many can feel like a bomb going off in their body with new symptoms appearing daily for the first 90 days. Being floxed can be permanent as stated on the black box warning of the drug.

Many are misdiagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, but in reality, are floxed after consuming a fluoroquinolone antibiotic. Floxed can happen after one pill or be a cumulative effect of multiple doses over years of time, however becoming floxed is ultimately inevitable, it may just be the next pill to do it.

How do you know if you’ve been floxed? 

If you have consumed any of the following medications, you may have a chance that you are floxed. Ciprofloxacin (cipro), Levaquin (levofloxacin), Avelox (Moxifloxacin). Being floxed is usually a combination of these fluoroquinolone antibiotics with medications such as steroids (prednisone), NSAIDs (ibuprofen), fluconazole (diflucan), metronidazole (flagyl), Macrobid (Nitrofurantoin) to name a few. The most common symptoms of being floxed are weakness, muscle wasting, neuropathy, anxiety, fear, panic, tendon pain, palpitations, depression, and fatigue.  

I’m floxed, what do I do now? 

Your first instinct will be to panic, but this will not be conducive to your healing. The first step is to understand why you were floxed in the first place by placing the pieces to the puzzle. Many individuals have been exposed to fluoridated drugs like Prozac, Lipitor, Diflucan, Protonix, in the past which cause fluoride accumulation in the body. Those patients have an exponentially higher risk of being Floxed. There are natural therapies you can implement to help minimize your risk of permanent flox damage.

Seek an expert

Dr. Mark Ghalili, who was floxed himself, is known as the world’s leading expert on fluoroquinolone toxicity. He has been featured on The Doctors TV Show, where he treated the host, Dr. Andrew Ordon MD, who wore a leg boot from being floxed, allowing him to run again after completing a regenerative program.

Dr. Ghalili has helped over 1,000 individuals suffering from antibiotic side effects. He has traveled around the world to seminars and hospitals, lecturing about the dangerous side effects of fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Dr. Ghalili has a proven protocol to help minimize the effects of fluoroquinolone toxicity and has perfected his program over the last 5 years.

Get treatment for fluoroquinolone toxicity

Treatment for fluoroquinolone toxicity consists of an in-depth history and physical exam, followed by individualized testing (if necessary). Once we find out the etiology of a patient’s floxing, we create a customized program consisting of IV therapy, Laser Therapy, health coaching, lifestyle changes, and tailored supplement recommendations.

Fluoroquinolone causes many mineral deficiencies within the cell, it is vital to obtain the correct nutrients in a stepwise process to avoid further damage. This treatment must be customized as every individual is uniquely affected by fluoroquinolones.

Follow through on recovery

The full-body regenerative program takes approximately 90 days to notice peak benefits. During this process, you will continue your supplement protocol and follow the diet and lifestyle changes created for you. Exercise will be performed slowly starting with non-weight-bearing exercise until you can tolerate heavier forms of exercise without a crash.

Final advice for people who’ve been floxed from Dr. Ghalili: 

My final piece of advice is to never lose hope. I have witnessed the most incredible transformations of people thinking they will always be living in a wheelchair only to see them thrive and life live again. Do not ever give up, our bodies are powerful healing machines that can overcome any obstacle. I ask for you to watch my lecture on fluoroquinolone toxicity in order to educate yourself on this condition, in addition to the countless testimonials of lives we have changed through treatment.