Understanding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome causes a devastating lack of energy that often makes it impossible to accomplish simple daily tasks.
What is chronic fatigue syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome, or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), causes a chronic, unrelenting exhaustion that worsens when you engage in any activity that requires mental or physical energy. Many patients with chronic fatigue syndrome develop extreme exhaustion that lasts longer than 24 hours after physical or mental exertion.

The fatigue you develop also doesn’t improve when you get rest. It’s such an extreme fatigue that it can be impossible to complete simple tasks such as getting dressed or cooking dinner.

In addition to fatigue, you may experience symptoms such as muscle and joint pain, difficulty concentrating, problems with your memory, and headaches. Your symptoms can last for weeks, months, or years.

Am I at risk for chronic fatigue syndrome?

Women are two to four times more likely to develop chronic fatigue than men. It’s also most likely to occur in your 40s and 50s. Otherwise, no other risk factors have been identified.

Chronic fatigue syndrome may be triggered by a viral infection, a weakened immune system, or hormone imbalances. However, their exact association with chronic fatigue has yet to be determined.

Your chronic fatigue may be caused by Cipro® and Levaquin® toxicity. These medications belong to a group of fluoroquinolone antibiotics. They’re known to cause severe and disabling side effects involving damage to your nerves, tendons, muscles, joints, and central nervous system. If you look at the data for chronic fatigue syndrome, the rates of diagnosis are 5 women to every 1 man, it is no coincidence that the antibiotic Cipro is prescribed in a ratio of 5 women to 1 man due to women suffering from Urinary Tract Infections. If you have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and have consumed these antibiotics, this is the cause until proven otherwise.

Dr. Ghalili also explores other potential causes to see if they may contribute to your chronic fatigue syndrome. He rules out underlying conditions such as Lyme disease, heavy metal toxicity, mold toxicity, breast implant leaks, chemotherapy-induced fatigue, and candida overgrowth.

How is chronic fatigue syndrome treated?

There currently aren’t any FDA-approved medications or cures for chronic fatigue syndrome. Developing a gentle exercise program may reduce your hypersensitivity to activity and gradually allow you to do more without worsening your pain and fatigue.

As a board-certified internist and an expert in regenerative medicine, Dr. Ghalili helps reduce your symptoms by regenerating the mitochondria, the powerhouse inside each cell that produces energy. He offers a number of different treatments customized for each patient, including IV nutrient infusions, supplements, and help with lifestyle and dietary changes.

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