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Regenerative Medicine is the only way medicine should be practiced around the world. Instead of masking a problem with a medication, Regenerative Medicine utilizes therapies to heal the problem itself rather than placing a band aid on top. Using natural treatments combined with a patient’s own cells, the field of Regenerative Medicine is rapidly growing as physician’s are realizing regenerative treatments are actually helping their patients, not prescription pills. Patients who were once wheelchair bound are now living a normal life with the power of Regenerative Medicine! Feel free to watch the testimonial videos to find out more.


Paralyzed By A Prescription

Dr. Ghalili’s life took an unexpected turn when he became severely ill and disabled at the hands of the FDA Approved Antibiotic Ciprofloxacin.

Your Antibiotic Nightmare

Host of The Doctors TV Show, Dr. Andrew Ordon, urges to reconsider taking Fluoroquinolone antibiotics after learning about his health scare.

A Near Death Experience

Find out how Michael has made a full recovery and is working out at the gym again after that luxury was robbed for months due to antibiotics.

Registered Nurse Unable to walk after CVD Shot, Can walk again and makes a recovery from jab injury

Stacie is a Registered Nurse mandated to receive an injection in her body she did not want, suffered from near paralysis of her lower extremity with extreme difficulty walking.

Dementia Treatment Reversal Using Regenerative Medicine

By undergoing our NeuroRegenerative Brain program, Ronald has now gained his memory back, his wife also noticed huge improvements with his recall.

Fluoroquinolone Toxicity From Argentina Makes Dramatic Recovery

Jeanine consumed the antibiotic ciprofloxacin which caused a bomb to go off in her body. Watch her remarkable floxed recovery due to ciprofloxacin side effects.

Paralyzed Woman Miraculously Walks Again

In only 2 short weeks, she is able to walk without the assistance of a wheelchair after being nearly paralyzed for 8 months.

Woman Disabled by Antibiotic Cipro Toxicity

Christine came to our clinic from Alabama after experiencing the disabling side effects of cipro toxicity.

The Future of Medicine

The beautiful and talented Tia Mowry dropped by to receive a boost of energy through her custom IV Vitamin Drip Infusions with Dr. Ghalili.

Disabled Woman Runs Again

Like millions of others disabled from antibiotics, watch Joys miraculous recovery being able to run again for the first time, at age 77!

Antibiotics Cripple Vibrant Young Woman

Sierra became severely disabled after only 3 pills of Cipro. She successfully recovered from cipro side effects with the help of Regenerative Medicine LA and is back to her full workouts again.

Recovered From 6 Years of Damage in 1 Day

Patient Summer was wheelchair-bound after 6 years of severe damage from cipro side effects. With her entire body crippled, meningitis, and potentially fatal side effects, Regenerative Medicine treatment has her functioning normally and walking again after just one day.

Life Changing Experience

Rebecca’s life changed to due antibiotic side effects. She experienced full muscle wasting, widespread pain, neuropathy, brain fog, memory impairment and was confined to a wheelchair.

College Athlete Disabled

21 Year Old College Athlete runner from Ohio, completely disabled from Antibiotic Cipro ear drops, makes a full recovery. At such a young age, Joey continues to inspire others around him.

Levaquin Cripples & Kills

Wendi is a very hard working woman that has a family depending on her. Unfortunately, the antibiotic Levaquin, led to grave side effects, but find out how she was able to make a recovery.

NCAA Athlete Disabled

Gibran (24) a former NCAA athlete discussed his journey after experiencing severe Ciprofloxacin side effects that caused crippling muscle and tendon pain. Cipro nearly robbed Gibran of his happiness.

The Horror Behind Antibiotics

Kelly from Winnipeg, Canada describes her 6 year terrifying ordeal after consuming the antibiotic Levaquin. She describes as a bomb going off in her body and she has made a significant recovery.

TMJ Treatment Success

Linda was suffering from 9 months of constant TMJ in her jaw, she came to see us at Regenerative Medicine LA and after one treatment she has been TMJ free for weeks now with no symptoms.

When Antibiotics Go Wrong

Emily, a mother of 6, traveled from New Orleans after the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin fully disabled her into a wheelchair. Her condition was quickly deteriorating so she took the leap of faith and is now walking again with no pain after two weeks of treatment.

Retired Urologist Suffers From Antibiotic Side Effects

Dr. Miller MD experienced severe debilitating side effects from Ciprofloxacin and Levaquin, which nearly debilitated him. Hear his miraculous recovery story where he is now functional again.

Coronavirus Successful Recovery Under 48 Hours

Adrian was diagnosed with Coronavirus. He suffered from high fevers, fatigue, lethargy, loss of taste and smell. After providing him with one treatment, all backed by scientific studies, he was symptom free within 48 hours.

Disabled by Prescription Pills

Claudia traveled from Germany for  Stem Cell Treatment after Cipro stole her legs from her, now she can walk again and is gaining her mobility.

10 Years Of Disability Reversed

Sonia traveled from Colorado after being poisoned by fluoroquinolone levaquin and Dr. Ghalili was able to reverse her disability after struggling for 10 years.

Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Cipro Side Effects Reversed

Through intensive customized regenerative treatment and following Dr. Mark Ghalili’s protocols, Alex has now made a full recovery and is fully up and running again running his landscaping company in North Carolina.

Crippled by Antibiotics

Joe suffered from Levaquin, which is very similar to ciprofloxacin side effects which nearly robbed him of his life. Luckily, after completing treatment, Joe has made a full recovery and has now regained his life back.

Two Years of Disability Reversed in One Week

Beth from Calabasas, CA was poisoned by multiple rounds of antibiotics including Ciprofloxacin and Levaquin, she discusses her story of recovery in only one week. She has more energy, less brain fog, and can now perform activities of daily living.

Head Jerking Neuropathy Reversed

Edward drove to LA from New Jersey where his full body neuropathy was reversed in under 2 weeks of treatment. Watch Edward’s remarkable journey!

2 Doctors Share Dangers of Fluoroquinolones

Dr. Matt Miller MD and Dr. Mark Ghalili DO, Two Board Certified Physicians discuss their personal experience with Fluoroquinolone Toxicity.

Cipro’s Crippling Side Effects

Jennifer developed full body tremors, inability to speak, crippling weakness in her legs, leading to be fully wheelchair bound due to antibiotics.

Jumping to Recovery

Wendy, a 38 year old woman from Utah was completely robbed from walking due to the antibiotics Cipro and Levaquin. Watch her jump with joy as she celebrates her recovery.

Levaquin Leaves Leif in a Wheelchair

Watch Leif overcome Levaquin Toxicity and Run Again in Only 2 Weeks.

US ARMY Veteran disabled from antibiotics RUNS again!

Charlie, a Westpoint US Army Graduate was left in a wheelchair because of Cipro. Watch his miraculous recovery to regain his life back. He served our country and we served his life back.

Bell’s Palsy REVERSED in ONE week

Roy from Texas had complete reversal of his Bell’s Palsy in ONE week, a feat never performed in modern medicine until now without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Antibiotic Damage Recovery

At age 34, Jason was completely disabled and wheelchair bound due to the popular antibiotic Cipro, which poisoned his body. Find out if you’re a victim and the treatment that helped him recover.

Floxed to Doing Cartwheels

Tania has suffered from chronic fatigue and arrived in our office in a wheelchair due to fluoroquinolone toxicity. Tania completed a 5-day Regenerative Program with Dr. Mark Ghalili and is now living a normal life again.

Disabled to Dancing

Nita traveled from North Carolina after spending 10 months in a wheelchair after consuming Levaquin. She danced out of our clinic.

Long Haul Covid Reversed

28 Year old Raelyn reversed her Long Covid Symptoms using Regenerative Medicine.

Sharon a Registered Nurse reverses her Eczema without pharmaceuticals

Our patient a Registered Nurse shares her personal journey how Regenerative Medicine healed her Eczema permanently. Her symptoms began shortly after something was mandated in her body. With the use of IV therapy, & stem cells, her Eczema is reversed.

Psoriasis Healed with Regenerative Medicine

Our patient has been suffering from psoriasis for years. We treated his psoriasis using cutting edge natural regenerative therapies without the use of pharmaceuticals or steroids to show how his skin has completely healed.

Pfeyezer Poke Severe Neurological Side Effects Reversed with Regenerative Medicine

Alyssa traveled from Texas in order to heal from Jab Side Effects.

Multiple Sclerosis Testimonial Symptoms Reversed

Faye is treated for Multiple Sclerosis with Reversal of Symptoms using Regenerative Medicine

CVD J@B Injury Side Effects Fully Recovered

Josephine traveled from Africa to treat her Covid Vaccine Injury Sharing her Recovery Story

I discovered and contacted Dr. Ghalili in June of 2018. At that time, I was 6 years out from my first floxing. He scheduled a phone appointment/consultation with me and gave me enough education to get me through 2 years (that's when I could make the trip). I reached out to a few of the clients he was treating and asked them about Dr. G and the treatment protocol and their personal experience. All had improvement and highly recommended.
I finally made the trip in June of 2020, during the pandemic. My first day was overwhelming. So much information and more education on what my body had been through. The staff and Dr. G were very attentive during my entire stay and I met so many other patients which I still stay in contact with. Day 2, I came back with a list of questions and Dr. G made sure I understood the answers to all of them.
He recommended a longer course of treatment since I was 8 years out and had taken 3 courses of Levofloxacin with steroids. I only had time to add 3 extra sessions. Everyday I felt better and better. My entire treatment was 8 IV's then stem cells.
I'm now 90 days out from stem cells and I have my life back! Before I left for Los Angeles, I told my family I couldn't live another day like I was. I've followed Dr. G's supplement recommendations, diet, and self care instructions. I've contacted him 2 times in the 90 days. I had an issue with some of the supplements. I emailed him and received a message back within minutes telling me what I needed to do. I also contacted him after I had an eye doctor appt where they wanted to put me on more antibiotics and steroids. Again, he got back to me promptly with recommendations.
Today, I'm back to working out 5 days a week! I no longer need to sleep during the day, I have normal hours of living. I'm no longer in pain, can sleep, exercise, play and enjoy my life again!!

Sophia S.Google Review

I had treatment with Dr. Ghalili last week and recommend him highly. As a victim of Cipro I’m very ill with multi organ severe damage. Already my burning feet are 50% improved, my mood is better as well as my energy level. He is so compassionate too. He’s right there every step of the treatment. The staff is awesome too. After 9 years of suffering I’m hopeful for the future. Thank you Dr. Ghalili, Arlen and Lori. I’m so grateful for you all.

CC.Google Review

Received treatment and instantly noticed positive results! I would highly recommend this doctor for anyone who is having trouble with finding what the core issue is! I did 3 days of treatment and I already feel like myself again!! 🙂

Fashion H.Google Review

From the minute I walked into Dr Ghalili’s office I felt like I was his only patient. He was so dedicated to getting me well that I knew he wanted it as much as I did and would do everything in his power to make it happen. And he did.
Before coming to see him I was completely wheelchair bound with pain throughout my entire body. I had so much muscle atrophy that I couldn’t bathe or dress myself and needed help getting in and out of the bathroom. I couldn’t care for my kids and I stayed in the bed almost all of the time. Within the first few treatments at regenerative health my full body pain was completely gone. I began to take steps and then I began to walk across the room. My strength started to return and I was able to walk out of his office after my last treatment. He kept saying, “You don’t need that wheelchair.” And I would laugh until the day he was right and I didn’t need it. His care for his patients is above and beyond anything I have ever experienced in a doctor patient relationship and I have had a lot of those. His staff are some of the most compassionate people I have ever known. I cried when I left his office for the last time for many reasons. I was actually going to miss being there - who has ever said they would miss being at a doctors office? But also because of the gratitude I felt. Cipro took so much from me- my health, my children, my life - and Dr Ghalili, by God’s grace, gave it all back.

Emily K.Google Review

I suffered a debilitating reaction to taking Levaquin 3 years prior and recently received a shot of prednisone which brought all of my symptoms back leaving me disabled again! I had tinnitus, tendon and ligament pain in my feet, arms, hands, neck, and upper back, as well as nervous system issues. I found out about Dr Ghalili's practice looking for support online. I am so glad to have found him! His experience, personal exposer to these antibiotics, along with his medical background and natural treatment plans were amazing! My job is very physical and I could no longer work when I came in for my first visit. In 3 weeks my pain level is way down, the nervous system issues have greatly diminished and my feet feel so much better and I am ready return to work. His staff, Lori and Arlene, are wonderful, friendly, and caring! I would highly recommend him for anyone suffering these symptoms. It has now been 3 months since my initial treatment and I feel great! Some ways better than I have in years! Dr Ghalili changed my life!

Danielle M.Google Review

Dr. Ghalili saved my life . I am a mom to 2 little boys , my family is not really in to western medicine but since I got sick while vacationing I had to take antibiotics which gave me major reaction but I didnt know the cause . My body was regressing by hour! at some point I couldnt even stand on my feet . My husband contacted Dr. Ghalili . He immediately found out what's wrong with me and he prescribed medicine and boom!!! 6 hours later , I could stand on my feet , I could hold my children , no more fever either rash . Everything was gone !! I owe him my health . Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !

Bita A.Google Review

Thank you Dr. Ghalili for getting my health back to 100%! Dr. Ghalili is so kind, trustworthy, understanding, and compassionate towards his patients. He made me feel like I was the most important person in the world when he was seeing me.
Before Dr. Ghalili, I saw 8 different doctors that could not help me at all with my condition. I spent over $30,000 on doctors visits, tests, images, and meds. Dr. Ghalili performed specialized testing including interpreting my genetic data and treated me with different IVs. In under 3 months, I am beginning to remember what being normal feels like.
Six years of constant pain and suffering is now hopefully behind me. Dr. Ghalili, I can not thank you enough for all that you do. The doctor called me periodically to check in on me and made sure I tolerated all of his recommendations well. It is very rare to find a doctor that actually cares for his patients as much as Dr. Ghalili. I am so much better with natural treatments and will never trust any doctor again. Thank you for thinking outside of the box and teaching me how to regain my health. I hope you continue the amazing work and can help other people like me!

Jason B.Google Review

I consider Dr. Mark Ghalili to be a life-saver and I couldn't be more grateful to have found him and to have been treated by him. I came to Dr. G with a condition called Fluoroquinolone Toxicity, a condition that he, himself, had experienced. He was not only extremely empathetic, he was extremely knowledgable and was able to chart a path towards my healing. I am giving the highest recommendation to Dr. Ghalili and encourage you to contact him if you are in need of medical assistance of any kind. He is amazing and truly, an answer to prayer for me.

Wendy G.Google Review

Regenerative Medicine LA has been a life changing experience for me. My journey into the need for medical advice and treatment began after noticing adverse side effects from taking the antibiotic Levaquin, an FDA approved drug at the time. Levaquin belongs to a class of drugs called Fluoroquinolones and toxicity to these types of drugs is a real thing. I began treatment with my HMO assigned medical doctor and after months of seeing no results, I came across Dr. Mark Ghalili at Regenerative Medicine LA. Dr. Ghalili is an expert in his field and has used his experience with fluoroquinolone toxicity to help change the lives of others. He is passionate about finding the underlying reasons for an illness. Dr. Ghalili spent hours with me to help me understand what I was experiencing and what could be done to help me to feel better. He worked with me on a whole body, natural approach in order to heal. I received a customized supplement regimen, easy to follow diet and lifestyle recommendations, IV treatments and ultimately stem cell therapy. This experience has been life changing for me. I continue to see Dr. Ghalili when I feel that I need an IV treatment or simply want to reevaluate the daily supplements that I am taking.
It is my belief that the future if medicine can be found at Regenerative Medicine LA. Dr. Ghalili and his staff simply are the best!

Kristin T.Google Review

Dr. Ghalili is the best doctor you can find. He truly cares about you as a person and wants you to be healthy, happy, and succeed in life. He follows up with every treatment. He has been phenomenal in knowing how to treat my fluoroquinolone toxicity customizing every single one of my treatments. His biochemistry research is incredible. I had been to several doctors before seeing him. Most of them didn’t know what was wrong with me, none of them knew how to help me. He was wonderful to work with and celebrated every victory I had. Before seeing him I was in bed 23 hrs a day for 5 months. I could only stand 10-15 minutes at a time. I walked in a painful zombie shuffle and limping. My second week of treatments I was able to stand for an hour, walk normal, and walk 2 city blocks! I still have a ways to go in my continuing recovery and confident I’ve gotten the best possible care and he is there for me every step of the way. Just to show how amazing he is we drove almost 700 miles to see him and would do it again in a heartbeat!

Wendy J.

Going to see Dr. Ghalili was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. Being scared and frustrated with my health issues from a prescription called Cipro, I needed to see an expert and my life has changed.


I was poisoned by the fluoroquinolone antibiotic Levofloxacin, and after months of no improvement, I finally found Dr. Ghalili online and discovered that he experienced this nightmare himself and was able to find a treatment solution to combat the condition for a full recovery.


This is the best doctor anyone could ever ask for. I feel so much better and I couldn’t be more thankful to have found him! I can truly say Dr. Ghalili has saved my life.


I have been doing IV drip therapy with Dr. Ghalili to optimize my overall health and I can absolutely feel and see the difference. This is such an affective way to get vitamins and minerals into the body with maximum absorption. Love it.