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What Is Breast Implant Illness?

Breast implant illness is any number of symptoms and dysfunction of body systems as a result of implanting these foreign devices.

Many experience the onset of autoimmune disease, chronic pain which may be diagnosed as fibromyalgia, inflammation, decreased immunity, chronic illness, unexplained symptoms, anxiety and many more.

Healing Breast Implant Illness

At our clinic, we not only recognize the severity of toxic implications from these devices but are skilled in uncovering the mechanism behind each individual reason, as it can vary from one person to the next. There are over two dozen different ways silicone and saline devices can cause ill health, and we aim to identify and restore balance to the patient.

Using a functional medicine approach, we utilize the help of genetic testing, anti-body testing, comprehensive metabolic blood panels, thorough physical exam, evaluation of past medical records, patient symptoms and listening to the patient to provide the most comprehensive recovery strategy.

Breast Implant Illness Pre-Explant Surgery Preparation:

Breast implant removal surgery often requires more time and physical stress to the body than implanting and can be a concern for patients in ill health. Some patients find it helpful to begin a pre-surgery protocol using functional medicine evaluation to ensure the body is ready to endure the surgery and have optimal results. We combine evaluation with tailored IV and oral nutrients that strengthen the immune system and several modalities to prepare the skin for incision. In addition, we offer primary care laboratory evaluation for patients needing pre-op clearance.

Breast Implant Illness Post-Surgery Detox

Breast Implant Illness Treatment Healing

We believe that once the patient has removed the toxic implants, their body will begin to restore balance on its own. As part of that process, we aim to identify any gaps in the body’s minerals, vitamin levels and functional systems and support these processes with proper nutrition and supplements. Due to the heavy metal content of implants, we consider the option of supervised chelation therapy to speed up the removal of metals when clinically indicated. For patients that are not good candidates for chelation we offer many modalities to speed up detoxification such as advanced LED Light therapy, functional liver and gut detox, oxygen therapy, IV nutrition and more.

  • Post surgery IV nutrition for healing
  • Incision healing laser therapy
  • Heavy metal chelation
  • Oxygen therapy
  • LED light therapy for post surgical pain
  • Mitochondrial recovery