Watch Dr. Ghalili's Miraculous Recovery Story on CBS News after becoming Disabled from the Antibiotic Cipro



Stem Cell Therapy, Regenerative Medicine & Functional Medicine located in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA



Live a normal life with the power of regenerative medicine, the future of medicine is here now.



Watch Dr. Ghalili's Miraculous Recovery Story on CBS News after becoming Disabled from the Antibiotic Cipro



Stem Cell Therapy, Regenerative Medicine & Functional Medicine located in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA



Live a normal life with the power of regenerative medicine, the future of medicine is here now.

Should You Reconsider Taking Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics?

You might want to reconsider taking fluoroquinolones, a type of antibiotics, after learning about Dr. Andrew Ordon’s health scare. Host of The Doctors TV Show, Dr. Ordon, believes he had a bad reaction to fluoroquinolones and explains says he developed Achilles tendinitis, which was very sore and lasted a few months. He was also left feeling tired and had trouble concentrating. After he got an MRI, a tear in his Achilles tendon was found, and he attributes these health issues to the fluoroquinolones. To help him heal, he visited internal medicine specialist Dr. Mark Ghalili to get a customized IV treatment protocol that actually helps rebuild the mitochondria within the tendon. Dr. Ghalili says the IV treatment Dr. Ordon received helped to increase collagen production, reduce pain and increase stamina. Like Dr. Ordon, Dr. Ghalili also had a negative reaction to this type of antibiotic and says he had brain fog, could not walk or care for himself and was confined to a wheelchair for 5 months. He tells us he has treated hundreds of patients for issues related to the use of fluoroquinolones. Dr. Ordon says after enduring this health scare, he will no longer take or prescribe fluoroquinolones. He urges everyone to ask questions about the antibiotics your doctor is prescribing and if there are alternative options.

"Dr. Ghalili understood every symptom I was going through...compassionate, understanding"

"Office is beautiful, fully equipped with IVs necessary for regeneration, anti aging..."

"Dr. Ghalili listened to all of my problems and made me feel at ease."

"I came into the appointment nervous and afraid. I left feeling calm and optimistic."

"From the welcoming staff to the clean environment...staff in this office actually care"

"Dr. Ghalili is the best! His holistic approach is amazing. He's passionate and helpful."

"He is not only extremely empathetic, but also extremely knowledgable."



Regenerative Medicine LA’s purpose is to provide patients with a comprehensive approach to health and wellness using customized treatment protocols that are both scientific and evidence based.

Regenerative Medicine Los Angeles was created when Dr. Mark Ghalili DO, a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician, made a full recovery after the antibiotic Cipro completely shattered his life and left him disabled. He then learned millions throughout the world have been affected with no recovery in sight, so he decided to go against traditional medicine in order to heal and recovered by using cutting edge regenerative medical therapies. Throughout his journey, he realized traditional medicine’s goal is not to reverse a disease, but to temporarily mask the symptoms. Our goal is to take a whole body approach, address multiple organ issues, and provide natural medical therapies in order for our patients to achieve optimal recovery. After witnessing the devastating impact of the majority of pharmaceutical drugs, Dr. Ghalili shifted his beliefs, methodologies, and practice towards naturally healing the body.

Regenerative Medicine LA’s focus is to treat Autoimmune Disorders, Arthritis, Joint Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Weakness, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s disease, & Antibiotic Toxicity, just to name a few. Regenerative Medicine Los Angeles is a leading center in Cell Therapy and provides the most cutting edge Cell Therapy treatments for our patients. Our treatments include a full functional medicine workup panel, specialized micronutrient testing & genetic testing to provide patients with a comprehensive approach to regain their health. Dr. Ghalili has lectured at the prestigious annual International Cell Surgical Conference and will continue lecturing throughout the world raising awareness about Regenerative & Natural Medicine. The Future of Medicine is Here Now!

“Paralyzed by Prescription” at the Los Angeles Emmy Awards with Emmy Award-Winning CBS News

Dr. Ghalili a board certified Internal Medicine physician found himself crippled and paralyzed for months after consuming the antibiotic Cipro. His first hand journey to a full recovery has propelled him to become an expert in regenerative medical treatments. He has successfully healed hundreds of people who endured Cipro toxicity and Levofloxacin toxicity. His story is to inspire hope to millions around the world suffering from disability. Using alternative and regenerative medicine therapies, Dr. Ghalili discovered that millions of others were affected with similar side effects. Having the traditional medical community shun him for speaking out against the dangers of the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Ghalili took it upon himself to start a world class medical practice serving individuals who are not getting better visiting their doctors. Regenerative Medicine LA offers comprehensive care to not only those suffering from damage caused by pharmaceuticals, but to anyone looking to regain their health and vitality. Our center focuses on rebuilding the mitochondria of the body.



Emmy nominated story with Emmy Award winning station CBS

Raising awareness about the dangers of the pharmaceutical industry at the Emmy Awards.

Dr. Ghalili with Jeff Vaughn from CBS and
KCAL 9 News attending the Emmy Awards.

Real Stories. Real People. Real Results.

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Treatments that Actually Help

Regenerative medicine is the only way medicine should be practiced around the world. Instead of masking a problem with a medication, regenerative medicine utilizes therapies to heal the problem itself rather than placing a band aid on top. Using natural treatments combined with a patient’s own cells, the field of regenerative medicine is rapidly growing as physician’s are realizing regenerative treatments are actually helping their patients, not prescription pills. Multiple patients who were once wheelchair bound are now living a normal life with the power of regenerative medicine, feel free to watch the testimonial videos to find out more. The future of medicine is here now!

Antibiotic Toxicity:

What if I told you there is a class of antibiotics that have crippled hundreds of thousands of people every year, and told you this is perfectly legall! The family of fluoroquinolone antibiotics including Cipro, Levaquin, and Avelox have disabled millions of American’s in the last 30 years. These antibiotics cause damage to your mitochondria, leading to cell death and disability. Millions have suffered from muscle loss, fatigue, brain fog, autoimmune disease, food sensitivities, and permanent disability following consumption of these antibiotics. Fluoroquinolone toxicity was brought to national attention with Dr. Ghalili’s news story on CBS which has now garnered attention from The Doctors TV Show. Our customized programs target mitochondrial damage and rebuild the cells in the body.

LED Light Therapy:

Cutting edge LED light therapy has been proven to increase ATP production (energy) when in contact with the skin. LED light also known as Low Level Laser Therapy LLLT increases blood flow to extremities, reduces blood pressure, increased collagen production, reducing inflammation, increasing stamina, and increasing the healing process. Studies have even proven to show LED light therapy is a vital tool to increase fertility and more importantly increase stem cell production from the bone marrow.

Cell Therapy Hair Growth:

Cell Therapy hair growth combined with special laser therapy has been shown to stimulate the hair follicle production leading to new hair growth. The combination therapy with a customized Hair Growth IV, supplement protocol, and laser therapy to maximize hair growth. The procedure involves injecting cells combined with Platelet Rich Plasma into the scalp for maximal hair growth potential.

Cell Therapy Facials:

Forget the facelift! Stem Cell facials are the newest cutting edge treatment to help take years off your face. The stem cells increase collagen and fibroblast production, producing a more youthful appearance. Our Stem Cell Facial is combined with radio frequency micro-needling to maximize the results.  Once the procedure is complete, an Anti-Aging IV is administered to boost collagen production and significantly reduce any redness from the procedure.

Treatment for Antibiotic Induced Toxicity by Cipro & Levaquin



Our IVs are made customized from the highest quality ingredients with the majority of ingredients being preservative free. See the difference an IV from Regenerative Medicine Los Angeles can make for you!


Our most popular IV A custom specialized blend of energy and mitochondrial boosting vitamins enhancing full body regeneration, truly making you feel Invincible!

A special cocktail with B vitamins, Glycine to promote relaxation, and Tryptophan to increase serotonin, producing a maximal calming effect and reducing anxiety related to stress!

IV NAD reboots the brain cells by producing new mitochondria, thus potentially rewiring new brain cells which can significantly reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol. This IV is truly the fountain of youth. Blood test and consultation required.

A complex blend of B vitamins, Vitamin C, Zinc, Lysine and other minerals. Our patients note significant improvement in how they feel after our Hangover IV!

"I saw Dr. Ghalili for antibiotic toxicity. He knew about this condition and was focused on the solution. There has been noticeable improvement in my condition already."

"I did the IV treatment along with the infrared bed. I was so tired and sluggish, now I feel like I can run a marathon. The office and location are second to none."

"I have severe FQ toxicity and have had it for over 3 years now. I have only been on my regimen for about a month and a half and already can see and feel improvement."

"I consumed the antibiotic Cipro and right away I experienced nerve and muscle pain. The treatment and supplements Dr. Ghalili recommended helped tremendously."

"I have medication induced toxicity after taking an antibiotic. Dr Ghalili correctly diagnosed my condition, having been through this himself."

"I have been on Dr. Ghalili's protocol for 3 months now and almost all of my painful and debilitating symptoms have either lessened or gone away completely."

"I found Dr. Ghalili after making connections with a Fluoroquinolone toxicity group. I am following his protocol religiously. It has been 2 months and it is working!"


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