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Regenerative Medicine Los Angeles


The only practice in the world with proven results to heal patients damaged by modern medicine, autoimmune disease, & pharma injuries through customized Regenerative Programs using IV Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy, & Alternative Medicine.
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Dr. Ghalili is the doctor that believes you when no one else does.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a field of medicine that focuses on the regeneration and repair of damaged or diseased tissues and organs. This is achieved by finding the underlying reasons for an illness and treating the direct source. Treatments include alternative and natural remedies rather than traditional medications. The goal is to restore function and improve the quality of life for patients suffering from chronic conditions and injuries.

Should You Reconsider Antibiotics: Why Alternative Medicine?

Dr. Ordon believes he had a bad reaction to fluoroquinolones and explains says he developed Achilles tendinitis due to cipro toxicity, which was very sore and lasted a few months. After he got an MRI, a tear in his Achilles tendon was found, and he attributes these health issues to the fluoroquinolones. To help him heal, he visited internal medicine specialist Dr. Mark Ghalili to get a customized Nad IV therapy protocol that actually helps rebuild the mitochondria within the tendon. 


Fluoroquinolone toxicity can cause serious damage to your central nervous system and potentially cause brain injuries.

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Fluoroquinolone Toxicity

Cipro toxicity is caused by the antibiotic ciprofloxacin, and results in illness of the patient.

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Cipro Toxicity

Peripheral Neuropathy is damage to the nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord.

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Peripheral Neuropathy

Stem cell therapy is used to accelerate healing, stimulate tissue growth, and relieve pain.

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Stem Cell Therapy

Levaquin toxicity can cause damage to every cell in the body from the fluoroquinolone antibiotic.

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Levaquin Toxicity

An IV drip or injection in the vein sends medication and nutrition immediately to the bloodstream.

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IV Therapy

MS is a central nervous system (CNS) disease where the immune system attacks the CNS.

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Multiple Sclerosis

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes widespread pain, fatigue, & memory and sleep issues.

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Regenerative & Functional Medicine Doctor
Located in Los Angeles, CA

Regenerative Medicine LA is dedicated to restoring your health without resorting to toxic and damaging medications.

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Paralyzed by a Prescription:
Saved by Alternative Medicine

Dr. Ghalili, a board certified Internal Medicine physician, found himself crippled and paralyzed for months after consuming the antibiotic Cipro. His first hand journey to a full recovery has propelled him to become an expert in regenerative medical treatments. He has successfully healed hundreds of people who endured Cipro toxicity and Levofloxacin toxicity. His story is to inspire hope to millions around the world suffering from disability. Using alternative and regenerative medicine therapies, Dr. Ghalili discovered that millions of others were affected with similar side effects. 

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Dr. Mark Ghalili is a Regenerative Medicine Specialist at Regenerative Medicine LA, treating patients in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and all over the world



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