Immune Modulation Protocol

Immune Booster Needs: What Is The Virus?

  • This new virus can cause respiratory illness in those infected
  • The virus transfers through respiratory droplets which you breathe in it can spread within 6 feet of another infected individual
  • The Virus can cause respiratory illness that ranges from mild to deadly
  • Symptoms may take several weeks to appear while you still may be contagious

Immune Booster Program:
How Does It Work?

Immune Modulation Program

You will have a consultation with Dr. Ghalili to discuss the supplements you should be  consuming to fully enhance your immune system. A link will be provided for the online pharmacy to purchase the exact immune boosting supplement and brands that will help prevent the damage from this virus, thus minimizing risk and potential hospital exposure based on scientific data.

Colostrum: The Immune Booster

This highest grade PROFESSIONAL strength is more potent and ONLY available through a doctor’s office.
  • Studies have shown that bovine IG can prevent Upper Respiratory Tract Infections to this virus
  • The number of days with flu like symptoms was 3 times higher in non-colostrum groups compared to Colostrum treated groups
  • Immunoglobulins bind to pathogens to prevent their entry into the body
  • Colostrum contains hyperimmune bovine immunoglobulins to prevent binding of pathogens to epithelial cells

Thymus Peptide Immune Boosting Benefits:

Thymus Peptide Immune Boosting Therapy
*Thymus Peptide injection treatment will be shipped to your address. You will inject 50 units with an insulin syringe every 3 days subcutaneously in the abdomen*
  • A major key in your body’s immune system is the thymus gland which produces all of your T cells before you hit puberty
  • Recreating these Thymus T Cells with peptide therapy will provide you with the best chance to fight viral infections
  • A simple subcutaneous injection every 3 days for two months is sufficient in stimulating your own T cell production to provide immunity 
  • Increase Natural Killer Cell Activity to attack viruses
  • T Cells are lymphocyte immune cells that protect the body from viruses

IV Infusion
Immune Boost Protocol:

Are you located in Los Angeles? Give us your address or
hotel room and we will come to you. Experience
IV Vitamin Infusion without having to get out of bed!
Our Immune Boost IV consists of Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium,

B Vitamins, & Glutathione to boost your immune system.

How to Reduce Risk of Viral
Infection Through Immune Boosting:

What is my best chance to reduce complications of a
viral infection such as Influenza or Coronavrius?
  • Proper hand washing and hygiene
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Thymus Gland immune modulation
  • Increasing T-Lymphocytes to attack viruses
  • Increase natural killer cells to contain viral infections

Successful COVID-19 Recovery Patient

Adrian was diagnosed with Coronavirus. He suffered from high fevers, fatigue, lethargy, loss of taste and smell. After providing him with one treatment, all backed by scientific studies, he was symptom free within 48 hours. I have been very hesitant to post one of our over 40 patients who have successfully recovered from the virus, but the time has come to share this with the world. We can’t sit here on lockdown waiting for a magical vaccine to save us while people die and lose their jobs. I have written a whole article about the treatment which major media outlets refuse to pick up. Adrian and our other patients have been symptom free from treatment. More info is located on our website under “Immune Boost” Tab. *Disclaimer: This post is not depicting a cure of any sort, just showing how natural and regenerative medicine resolved one patient’s symptoms. Results may vary. All precautions were taken to provide treatment as seen in the video.

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