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Regenerative Medicine is the only way medicine should be practiced around the world. Instead of masking a problem with a medication, Regenerative Medicine utilizes therapies to heal the problem itself rather than placing a band aid on top. Using natural treatments combined with a patient’s own cells, the field of Regenerative Medicine is rapidly growing as physician’s are realizing regenerative treatments are actually helping their patients, not prescription pills. Patients who were once wheelchair bound are now living a normal life with the power of Regenerative Medicine! Feel free to watch the testimonial videos to find out more.


Paralyzed By A Prescription

Dr. Ghalili’s life took an unexpected turn when he became severely ill and disabled at the hands of the FDA Approved Antibiotic Ciprofloxacin.

Your Antibiotic Nightmare

Host of The Doctors TV Show, Dr. Andrew Ordon, urges to reconsider taking Fluoroquinolone antibiotics after learning about his health scare.

A Near Death Experience

Find out how Michael has made a full recovery and is working out at the gym again after that luxury was robbed for months due to antibiotics.

Disabled Woman Runs Again

Like millions of others disabled from antibiotics, watch Joys miraculous recovery being able to run again for the first time, at age 77!

Cipro’s Crippling Side Effects

Jennifer developed full body tremors, inability to speak, crippling weakness in her legs, leading to be fully wheelchair bound due to antibiotics.

The Future of Medicine

The beautiful and talented Tia Mowry dropped by to receive a boost of energy through her custom IV Vitamin Drip Infusions with Dr. Ghalili.

Antibiotic Damage Recovery

At age 34, Jason was completely disabled and wheelchair bound due to the popular antibiotic Cipro, which poisoned his body. Find out if you’re a victim and the treatment that helped him recover.

2 Doctors Share Dangers of Fluoroquinolones

Dr. Matt Miller MD and Dr. Mark Ghalili DO, Two Board Certified Physicians discuss their personal experience with Fluoroquinolone Toxicity.

Jumping to Recovery

Wendy, a 38 year old woman from Utah was completely robbed from walking due to the antibiotics Cipro and Levaquin. Watch her jump with joy as she celebrates her recovery.

Life Changing Experience

Rebecca’s life changed to due antibiotic side effects. She experienced full muscle wasting, widespread pain, neuropathy, brain fog, memory impairment and was confined to a wheelchair.

College Athlete Disabled

21 Year Old College Athlete runner from Ohio, completely disabled from Antibiotic Cipro ear drops, makes a full recovery. At such a young age, Joey continues to inspire others around him.

Levaquin Cripples & Kills

Wendi is a very hard working woman that has a family depending on her. Unfortunately, the antibiotic Levaquin, led to grave side effects, but find out how she was able to make a recovery.

Levaquin Poisoning

Danielle suffered from Levaquin (Levofloxacin) poisoning 3 years prior to arriving to our office. She shares her brave story of becoming disabled and living a life in constant pain.

TMJ Instant Relief

5 years of constant TMJ pain has affected Desiree’s daily life. After numerous failed attempts, she received only ONE localized treatment by Dr. Ghalili and doesn’t have to think about TMJ pain again.

Antibiotics Ruined His Life

Garrett visited us from New Jersey, he became disabled just after one pill of Levaquin. Watch his recovery from Fluoroquinolone Toxicity as he states he is 95% recovered in only 10 days.

NCAA Athlete Disabled

Gibran (24) a former NCAA athlete discussed his journey after experiencing severe Ciprofloxacin side effects that caused crippling muscle and tendon pain. Cipro nearly robbed Gibran of his happiness.

The Horror Behind Antibiotics

Kelly from Winnipeg, Canada describes her 6 year terrifying ordeal after consuming the antibiotic Levaquin. She describes as a bomb going off in her body and she has made a significant recovery.

TMJ Treatment Success

Linda was suffering from 9 months of constant TMJ in her jaw, she came to see us at Regenerative Medicine LA and after one treatment she has been TMJ free for weeks now with no symptoms.

When Antibiotics Go Wrong

Emily, a mother of 6, traveled from New Orleans after the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin fully disabled her into a wheelchair. Her condition was quickly deteriorating so she took the leap of faith and is now walking again with no pain after two weeks of treatment.

Retired Urologist Suffers From Antibiotic Side Effects

Dr. Miller MD experienced severe debilitating side effects from Ciprofloxacin and Levaquin, which nearly debilitated him. Hear his miraculous recovery story where he is now functional again.

Coronavirus Successful Recovery Under 48 Hours

Adrian was diagnosed with Coronavirus. He suffered from high fevers, fatigue, lethargy, loss of taste and smell. After providing him with one treatment, all backed by scientific studies, he was symptom free within 48 hours.

Disabled by Prescription Pills

Claudia traveled from Germany for  Stem Cell Treatment after Cipro stole her legs from her, now she can walk again and is gaining her mobility.